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Shanghai Lalas. Female Tongzhi Communities and Politics in Urban China
This is the first ethnographic study of lala (lesbian, bisexual, and transgender) communities and politics in China, focusing on the city of Shanghai. Based on several years of in-depth interviews, the volume concentrates on lalas' everyday struggle to reconcile same-sex desires with a dominant rhetoric of family harmony and compulsory ....

Autor_innen: Kam, Lucetta Yip Lo

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Sie liebt sie. Das Lesbensexbuch
In ihrem erfolgreichen Ratgeber (ent-)führt die "Sexpertin" Felice Newman die Leserin in die aufregende Welt lesbischer Lust: von zart bis hart, von Cunnilingus bis zu Fesselspielen. Mit detaillierten und fundierten Informationen zu sexuellen Techniken, Kommunikation und Gesundheit bietet sie Frauen eine reiche Palette an Möglichkeiten, ....

Autor_innen: Newman, Felice

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Susie Sexperts Lesbian Sex World
Susie Bright discusses what lesbians really do, not what the sex cops think we ought to do. Cruising, packing, fisting, G-spots, porn stars, dildos, vibrators, anal sex, group sex, sex with straight girls, dental dams, lube 'n latex, sex during pregnancy, and more!

Autor_innen: Bright, Susie

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Tantra für Genießerinnen
Sex ist eine Kunst, die gelernt sein will. "Tantra für Genießerinnen" regt Frauen an, sich auf spielerisch-lustvolle Weise (wieder) mit ihrer Sexualität zu beschäftigen und ihre Sinnlichkeit zu kultivieren. Einem Einführungsteil folgt eine Vielzahl praktischer Übungen für Frauen allein oder zu zweit, die das Ziel haben: -die Sinne zu ....

Autor_innen: Schulte, Christa

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Thats so Gay!
What is homophobic bullying and what do you do about it? Why do young people bully and how can you prevent it? This practical handbook guides you through dealing with homophobic bullying, supporting those who bully and those who are bullied, and creating inclusive environments. Essential for schools, teachers and others working with young ....

Autor_innen: Charlesworth, Jonathan

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The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality
There can be confusion around the appropriate terminology for trans and queer identities, even within the trans community itself. As language is constantly evolving, it can be especially difficult to know what to say. As a thorough A-Z glossary of trans and queer words from 'ace' to 'xe', this dictionary guide will help to dispel the ....

Autor_innen: Holleb, Morgan Lev Edward

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The ABCs of LGBT+
The 21st Century has seen very positive movement for LGBT+ rights in the last few years – the overturning of DOMA, SCOTUS ruling in favor of the Marriage Equality Act, American transgender politicians elected to office and landmark moments such as Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world under the leadership of an openly gay ....

Autor_innen: Mardell, Ashley

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The Care We Dream of
Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health
What if you could trust in getting the health care you need in ways that felt good and helped you thrive? What if the health system honored and valued queer and trans people’s lives, bodies and expertise? What if LGBTQ+ communities led and organized our own health care as a form of mutual aid? What if every aspect of our health care was ....

Autor_innen: Sharman, Zena

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The Queer Mental Health Workbook
A Creative Self-Help Guide Using CBT, CFT and DBT
To be queer is to feel different - a felt sense that you don't fit in. This can be alienating and difficult and lead to mental health challenges and lower wellbeing throughout life. Using a range of therapeutic approaches, this comprehensive, down-to-earth self-help workbook is designed to be your personal mental health resource. It is ....

Autor_innen: Dunlop, Brendan J

23,10 EUR
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Tommy Boys, Lesbian Men and Ancestral Wives. Female Same-Sex Practices in Africa
This unique book documents same sexuality in East and southern Africa. Eight of the chapters have been co-authored by women activists spanning six different countries. They have collected personal narratives on a range of issues related to sex and secrecy. This is an incredibly difficult area to research as many African leaders declare it ....

Autor_innen: Morgan, Ruth; Wierenga, Saskia

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U.S. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History
Though largely neglected in classrooms, LGBT history can provide both a fuller understanding of U.S. history and contextualization for the modern world. This is the first book designed for university and high school teachers who want to integrate queer history into the standard curriculum. With its inspiring stories, classroom-tested ....

Autor_innen: Rupp, Leila J.; Freeman, Susan K.

45,00 EUR
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Um mein Leben
Ein biografischer Bericht
„Alles, was ich tue, mache ich, um meiner Cousine nahe zu sein.“ Azadiyas Cousine wird von deren Vater ermordet, weil sie ein selbstbestimmtes Leben führen will. Nach dem Ehrenmord erkennt Azadiya, dass sie ihr Leben verändern muss, um frei zu werden: als jesidische Kurdin in Deutschland, die in eine streng gefügte Gemeinschaft ....

Autor_innen: Linkerhand, Koschka; H., Azadiya

18,50 EUR
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Zeige 37 bis 48 (von insgesamt 58 Artikeln)