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Bi Lives
Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories
A collection of 18 in-depth interviews with a wide range of bisexual women of different races, ages, and economic classes involved in a very wide variety of lifestyles.

Autor_innen: Orndorff, Kata

16,50 EUR
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Bi. Notes for a Bisexual Revolution
Depicted as duplicitous, traitorous, and promiscuous, bisexuality has long been suspected, marginalized, and rejected by both straight and gay communities alike. Bi takes a long overdue, comprehensive look at bisexual politics—from the issues surrounding biphobia/monosexism, feminism, and transgenderism to the practice of labeling those ....

Autor_innen: Eisner, Shiri

29,20 EUR
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Dare... to Try Bisexuality
Encompassing clinical studies and social perspectives, this book is a comprehensive resource for the bi-curious as well as highly experienced bisexuals. It explores various beliefs about bisexuality — it’s a temporary condition, all bisexuals are homosexuals in denial, and others — and breaks down the orientation into eight specific ....

Autor_innen: Esseintes, Pierre Des

20,50 EUR
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How Queer!
Personal narratives from bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, sexually-fluid, and other non-monosexual perspectives
How Queer! collects fourteen short autobiographical essays—not written by sociologists or professional activists, but by ordinary bisexual, pansexual, and sexually-fluid people from diverse backgrounds, sharing their experiences and telling their own stories. These personal narratives explore themes of bisexual and pansexual visibility, ....

Autor_innen: Beauchemin, Faith (Hg.)

17,80 EUR
inkl. 10 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
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Zeige 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4 Artikeln)
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