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The Furthest City Light

The Furthest City Light
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Winer, Jeanne
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292 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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Bella Books
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    Like most public defenders, Rachel Stein is an adrenaline junkie. Inspired by the case of a battered woman who stabbed her husband to death, she devotes herself tireless to the woman's defense, eager to finally create case law that can make a difference in these cases.
    She isn't prepared to lose. When she does, she loses her grip on everything. Her partner, her relationship, her belief in her way of life.
    If she can't save one woman, Rachel instead obsesses about saving the world. Revolution in Nicaragua beckons. Counting on her wits and humor, she embarks on an inside-out journey that may finally allow her to believe again in the people and life that she has loved.

    A story of resourcefulness in a treacherously unstable world where bad things happen to good people, The Furthest City Light illuminates a journey of hope and revelations for a woman who cares too much. A Bella Attitude Novel.