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Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love
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Martin, Marianne K.
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204 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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Bywater Books
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    Meet Sage Bristo. Tall. Toned. Attractive. Women were drawn to her easy confidence and mystique. They wanted to be near her and would do anything for her. Sage enjoyed the attention and her reputation as a player grew. But these women who gave themselves so easily didn’t satisfy her true need for a woman of conviction and passion . . . The last thing Deanne Demore wants in her life is a modern day Don Juana. The years have brought her a hard-won wisdom and she is not about to get caught up in another ruinous relationship. So why is she watching Sage Bristo? More importantly, why is her heart racing? Reissued after 15 years for a new generation of readers, this anniversary edition of Legacy of Love showcases Marianne K. Martin’s skill in creating characters we want to know and follow.