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Die Geschichte meines Lebens
Emmeline Pankhurst
Steidl, 2016

Dies ist die Geschichte eines behüteten Mädchens, das unbequeme Fragen stellt, die Geschichte einer mutigen, tapferen Frau, die früh verwitwet ihre fünf Kinder allein durchbringt.

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Diaries 1964-1980
Susan Sontag
Penguin Books, 2013

As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh follows Sontag through the turbulent years of the late 1960s - from her trip to Hanoi at the peak of the Vietnam War to her time making films in Sweden - up to 1981 and the beginning of the Reagan era.

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Viv Albertine
Suhrkamp Nova, 2016

London, Mitte der Siebziger. Die Popkultur wird neu erfunden, in der revolutionären Ursuppe des Punk scheint alles möglich. Aber gilt das auch für Frauen? Gibt es außer Groupie, Elfe oder Rockröhre noch andere Rollen?

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Early Diaries 1947-1963
Susan Sontag
Penguin Books, 2009

"Reborn" is a kaleidoscopic self-portrait of one of America's greatest writers and intellectuals, teeming with Sontag's voracious curiosity and appetite for life.

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Lotte Tobisch
Amalthea, 2016

Ohne Glück geht gar nichts

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Jenny Lawson
Picador, 2015

Jenny Lawson returns with the follow-up to her bestselling memoir LET'S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, recounting stories from everyday family life in her inimitably frank, hilarious, bizarre and endearing way.

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The Making of a Carpenter
Nina MacLaughlin
Norton, 2016

Combining sage advice from Ovid and Mary Oliver with practical descriptions of tools and varieties of wood, the author, who quit her desk job to become a carpenter, shares the joys and frustrations of learning to make things by hand in an occupation that is 99% male.

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A Memoir
Daisy Hernández
Beacon Press, 2015

The Colombian-Cuban journalist describes her struggles to reconcile her family's teachings about race, immigration, and the traditional roles of women with her identity as a writer and a bisexual woman.

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Viv Albertine
Faber & Faber, 2014

In 1970, Viv Albertine knew she wanted to be in a band, but had never seen a woman play electric guitar. Seven years later, she was the guitarist in the hugely influential all-female punk band, the Slits.

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Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
Daniela Strigl
Residenz Verlag, 2016

Die berühmteste österreichische Schriftstellerin des 19. Jhs. wurde lange nur als „Dichterin der Güte“ wahrgenommen. Doch sie war viel mehr: Poetische Realistin,