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The Vulva Quartet Game

The Vulva Quartet Game
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Atalanta, Hilde
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The Vulva Gallery / This is us books
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    The Vulva Quartet Game is a card game similar to 'Go Fish!'. Collect as many sets of four cards from the different categories as you can – the person with the most sets wins. There are lots of interesting subjects, from 'Pubic Hair' to 'Labia Shape' to 'Facts & Wonders', with fun and informative facts on each card. This is an educational game that takes a playful approach, making it easier to open up conversations about topics we're often not used to talking about.DIMENSIONS -The card size is 6.6 x 10 cm (2.6 x 4 in), and it's made from special 320 grams card game paper. Each game has 10 sets of cards and an extra card with the rules of the game.