The Straight Woman's Guide to Lesbianism

Mikaya Heart

Mikaya Heart is a forty-two year old lesbian, raised in rural Scotland. She made her way, via the dyke communities of Northern England, to that haven of lesbianism, Northern California.

She has been an out, proud dyke for seventeen years. She feels that coming out was the bets thing that ever happened to her and sees lesbianism as a crucial force in changing the world.

This book is intended to bridge the gap between women of different sexual persuasions, and empower all women to feel more at home in themselves.

This book is a must for every woman who's ever wondered about lesbians:

* Who are they?
* How do they become lesbians?
* Where can you find them?
* What kinds of problems do they face today?
* How does a woman's life change if she comes out as a lesbian?
* And - what do they do in bed?

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