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Struggles for Living Learning

Struggles for Living Learning
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Dokuzovic, Lina
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240 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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transversal texts
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    Numerous knowledge-based struggles emerged between 2008-2011 which questioned the changes taking place in universities, on the one hand, and the potentiality of the university as a space for translocally contesting those global transformations, on the other. Through the expansion of those struggles, their contention shifted to how self-education and struggle beyond the university could intervene or create counter-perspectives for change. This book presents the demands, practices, and perspectives developed within those struggles against the backdrop of commodifying transformations in the field of knowledge production - (primarily higher) education, research, and lifelong learning. These examples ultimately debunk major global knowledge-based policy perspectives, primarily those driven by the EU, and their objectives of crisis resolution and sustainable development. As an alternative, this book follows and further develops grassroots practices and perspectives of "living learning" from knowledge-based struggles, presenting socially just and equitable challenges to the transformations in the field of knowledge.