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Miss Vera's Cross Gender Fun. For All

Miss Veras Cross Gender Fun. For All
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Dr. Vera, Veronica
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162 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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Greenery Press
16,20 EUR
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    "Within every man there is a woman, and within every woman a man.” —Dr. Veronica Vera

    In this, the first book ever about cross gender play for people of all identities and sexes, Dr. Vera presents the importance of crossing gender as a method of self-discovery and growth.

    Within these pages, Dr. Vera applies both imagination and practical knowledge to helping you discover the other-sexed person within. It’s all here: from imagining your “second self” and choosing a name… to picking clothing and accessories (a little or a lot)... to communicating that persona and learning how to walk and talk… and finally, if you choose, launching that new person into the world. Here’s the confident, wise, experienced teacher you need to increase your options and develop a richer, fuller and more fabulous existence!