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The Afrofuturist Coloring Book

The Afrofuturist Coloring Book
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Kelly, Ford
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ca 60 Seiten - Softcover - Englisch
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    Afrofuturism plays with the past, present and the future, where time is adapted and augmented to reconsider how our realities and identities are constructed. A time where Myths and legends are merged into new realms. Where Representation can be explored and reexamined. This Coloring book takes you on an adventure to realms where Africa and the diaspora intertwine. Take a moment in your day to escape into the book's 27 illustrated drawings. With images of Afro-Cyborgs, Witches, Warriors and much more! Pick your medium of choice whether crayons or coloring pencils and let the pages inspire you. Coloring books are for all ages to enjoy! Have Fun! Afrofuturist Themed Coloring book - 27 Single sided Illustrations, ideal for framing your favorite ones! - An assortment of simple and intricate designs to accommodate most skill levels From Youth to Adults - hours of Afrofuturist themed Coloring fun