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Where We Find Ourselves. Jewish Women around the World Write about Home

Where We Find Ourselves. Jewish Women around the World Write about Home
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Ben-Yoseph, Miriam; Nodler Rosen, Deborah
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286 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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Excelsior Editions
32,90 EUR
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    Explores the universal longing for home, illuminated through the essays, poetry, and fiction of forty Jewish women writers from around the world.

    In this remarkable collection of essays, stories, and poems, Jewish women writers from around the world offer diverse perspectives on the idea of home. The longing for home is as ancient as the exile from Eden, and for the thirty-nine writers showcased in this anthology, the struggle to find and redefine home has been intensified by history, the Holocaust, and the diverse cultural, political, and religious contexts in which they live and write. Together, they explore the many natures and meanings of home: home as a place one is born to and sometimes forced to leave; home as a place one can journey toward or create; home as an abstract composite of memories, emotions, and rituals. Some of these writers contend with exile and anti-Semitism, others examine the mixed blessings of sheltered childhoods, and all confront memories in which the historical and personal are intertwined. Their range of perspectives and their personal approaches to a universal concern make Where We Find Ourselves a compelling read for students, scholars, and all who seek to understand what it means to be home.