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Growing Up Delicious

Growing Up Delicious
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Banks, Marianne
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231 Seiten - Taschenbuch / broschiert - Englisch
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Bella Books
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    Jennifer Andersen had a lot of reasons to leave Delicious, not the least of which was her attempt to drown her former sweetheart’s father—the town preacher—in the baptismal font. Away from the poisonous fruits of her birthplace, Jennifer finds peace, a good woman and, for decades, a happy life. Until the phone call.
    Now Jennifer is on her way back to Delicious where her old foes wait for her save one: her mother. Hard enough to confront her mother’s inexplicable suicide, but there’s also her sister’s rampant heterosexuality, the preacher’s unmitigated hatred and a town that has more reason than ever to look down on the Andersen name.
    Jennifer, and Delicious, may have the final word at an unforgettable funeral as full of surprises as Delicious is full of secrets.